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Healthy Food for Healthy Living……

Of all the diets, throughout all of time, all over the world, there is still nothing better for our bods than whole foods. At Magic Apple we offer you the perfect spread of fruits, vegies, nuts, seeds, pulses, grains, flours, herbs and spices, all un-refined to provide your beautiful bodies with hi-fibre, lo-fats (no animal fats) high energy, easily digestible, foods and drinks to sustain good health and/or to heal yourself.

Other things we do for you.
All water used for cooking & washing produce is filtered.
All fresh produce is delivered 7 days a week for freshness.
All cooking utensils are stainless steel.
All food cooking & heating is done in conventional ovens – no microwaves.
All soy sauce is Tamari that is wheat free.
All salt is ground daily from pure sea salt crystals.
All pepper is ground daily from whole pepper corns.
All garlic is ground daily from whole garlic cloves.
And highly purified water is available free to drink on the premises.

So relax and enjoy.
Our foods are of the maximum nutritional content available, tho not to the expense of taste, as we use a whole heap of natural herbs and spices.
All our casseroles and pastry items are also fresh-frozen so you can stock your larder with wholefoods and have no worries.

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Vegetarian & Vegan Cafe Gold Coastvegetarian & vegan cafe gold coast